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So what exactly is a “Master Stylist?”
In the ‘styling world,’ a Master Stylist is the most experienced, highest ranking  Cosmetologist in the salon.   

With over 20 years of certified training, and building relationships behind the salon chair, Sarah is known for working miracles in color correction, holistic hair restoration, de-frizzing curly tresses, and lustrous hair extension services.  

As an artist, she studies shapes and lines from ’earlier times’, combines what she learns, and loops it with the latest trends. 

As a professional, she values respect, quality, and trust. 

She is a Stylist who  is committed to her clients, with open ears and an honest heart.

Sit in Sarah’s chair today, and you will not only leave the salon with confidence, but you will look and feel 10 years younger!

Ivey Rogers is the best skincare expert in Charlotte. She specializes in acne treatments for teens.

Ivey Rogers



“The largest human organ is skin. Your skin tells a story about you.“

If you need a skincare professional to help bring your skin back to life; Ivey Rogers is your best friend.

After graduating from Northwest School of Arts, Ivey gained  20 +years of professional experience in the beauty industry.  Ivey is highly recognized for her artistic and scientific knowledge in the industry. She is highly respected as one of Sephora’s top Skincare Leads, Educator and Color Specialist.

With a combination of national training through Sephora‘s standards, it is no surprise she became an Esthetician! 

Ivey says, “the perfect masterpiece begins with a clean canvas.”

Her mission is to educate you on how to nourish your skin, and help you build confidence by understanding how to apply makeup properly.